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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A ray of sunshine

...broke through a foggy day this evening. 
Back-to-back lessons, meetings and training have all left me feeling a bit dazed and very sleepsie over the past few days. Tis always the way at the start of a new school term.
And then something wonderful arrived on the doorstep to Hearthwitch Cottage...

The first of two lovely awards today! How blessed I do feel.

A new friend has sent this my way, which is always very exciting!
So heartfelt thanks go to Louise at Loopy's Thoughts. Do go and pay her a visit if you haven't already.

There are so many wonderful blogs out there that I have grown to love over the past few months so I am sharing this with all of you. Feel free to take and pass along!

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Kadeeae said...

Congrats =)

Have just recently found your blog, and added you to my RSS feeds. See you're also 'Tweeting', will have to get you added on there also!

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