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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Full Moon // Fulfilment

Today's Full Moon seems to have sent me into overdrive.

March's full moon is known as the Storm Moon or Seed Moon. 
It brings with it fertility and growth and marks a time of preparation for the harvests to come.

Growth indeed is all around Hearthwitch Cottage at the moment - and nowhere more evident than in the triumphant daffodil blooms. My little patch of Earth is circled by them - a battalion of yellow trumpeters, all standing on guard. 

Something about this moment in the turning Wheel of the Year always kicks me into action. My natural clock must be telling me to prepare for the coming seasons. Today I have Spring cleaned the house from top to toe!

 It feels so good to wipe away the cobwebs, the remnants of the dark months, and let the light and air back through the house. 

May the season bring you much joy and fulfilment and may tonight's full moon bless you with growth in whichever area of your life you seek it.

Brightest blessings.

4 musings:

Tea Tester said...

"I" have Spring cleaned the house from top to toe?

Avie said...

Well, B put up a shoe rack and tidied his desk so I guess he deserves a little bit of credit. :)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Happy spring to you! I haven't yet seen the moon this evening - but I'll be taking a peek soon. Theresa

Faeryfay said...

Your daffodils are just divine! Blessed Be!

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