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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Summertime Goals

As you can see, I've already put pen to paper (a ritual which always focusses my mind) in order to extract from the tangled mess of school-work-related-tasks, the goals that I...that's me, myself, I...want to achieve this summer. B and I have also written a list of 'together' goals - fun activities we both want to try together over the summer holidays. That list involves a lot more adventure in the traditional sense: surfing, camping, exploring new places. My list is more about personal, internal journeys and adventures.

It's become really important to me to utilise my school holiday time effectively this summer, particularly as so much of my holiday time in the past year has been taken up with illness and family sadness. This summer I want to make sure some of the little creative tasks I've been meaning to do forever get done - I want to fill my days with things that nurture my mind and soul. 

Things like:

* Finally get round to finishing painting my desk chair and upholstering the seat (this has been part finished for about three years!)
* Get an Instax Mini camera and take lots of fun photos of family and friends
* Use some of the pretty patterned fabric I've gathered over the years to make a book bag. 

But mostly I want to do lots of this...

What are your summertime goals this year?

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Crystalrainbow said...

its good to focus the mind having a list of goals, life slips by too quickly if ones not focused on where were heading.... a great reminder for mee too x x x

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