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Monday, 5 July 2010


down---to---earth, is one of my favourite blog reads and I heartily recommend to those of you who haven't yet discovered Rhonda Hetzel's daily posts, about self-sufficiency and the simple life, to take a look. 

As an aside, these photos have nothing to do with the post.
Just thought they were pretty.

When I first entered blogland a mere matter of months ago, Rhonda's was one of the first blogs I found and I have subsequently gone back and read through her archive of informative, no-nonsense writings, finding each one as refreshing and filled with common sense as the next. 

Her blog and forums provide an online community for like-minded people to share ideas, recipes and tips about living economically, simply and naturally, with care for one's environment and one's own soul along the way. Truly inspirational reading and I would definitely guide you towards her tips on budgeting and stockpiling food if, like me, any of you are trying to be a little more money-conscious!

This week she has kindly featured my contribution to her series of posts about readers' workspaces called 'This is Where I Work'. Thank you Rhonda and happy reading, folks!

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Jo said...

Thankyou sooo much for the recommendation - have now added Rhonda's site to my bloglines feed. I just looove her introduction:

"...a journey inside yourself to discover your passions, uncover your true potential and to help you be the authentic you. Mindless consumerism masks us all. It surrounds us with junk that turns us into curators of merchandise. Free yourself of all that ties you down, be that debt, clutter, stress, envy, or wanting too much. In a world filled with overindulgence, simplicity will liberate you."

Truly wonderful!!
Loved having a peek at your own creative spaces too - what a magical place you live in.
Hugs xx

Nicole said...

I foudn you through Rhonda's blog and immediately bookmarked you. :)

faeryfay said...

I love down--to--earth also! It's fabulous. Love your blog too!:-)

Leiani said...

I linked to your blog because I saw your This is Where I Work entry over at down---to---earth. I too am a Hearth Witch, balancing the ways of old with this modern world. I look forward to reading more of your wonderful blog.

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