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Monday, 12 July 2010

A new moon, an eclipse and a reflection...

Yesterday's total eclipse of the sun was only visible for those in the South Pacific and yet it was on my mind for much of the day. 

Like the ouroboros serpent - with its tail in its mouth - the new moon eclipse brought a renewed sense of the self-reflexivity and cyclical nature embedded within everything we do. 

 This time last year I was celebrating finishing my teacher training with a trip to Geneva and was vividly aware, as I acknowledged the eclipse falling while sailing on the lake, that it would bring great change to my life.

A year later and I am about to celebrate my first anniversary with B, a time tinged with sadness as it carries with it the memory of first learning that my Dad was ill. Two events coincided in my life with that eclipse and yet I believe with my whole heart that they are far from 'coincidence'. B was led into my life at a moment when the gods knew I would need him most; and so my dad could see how happy I was before he left this world.

So, yesterday's eclipse led me to a reflection on how much has changed in my life over the course of just twelve moons and where I am standing right now.

The last new moon which eclipsed the sun was six months ago and I marked it with this blog's inception.

And here I am...still writing, taking more photographs than ever (which my dad would be thrilled about) and enjoying the small rewards that each day provides me. 

Today I celebrate...

Having successfully completed my first year of teaching.
Finding a home.
Eating food that I have grown in the garden.
Loving a man for all the right reasons.
Standing on the doorstep to my future.

6 musings:

Jen said...

congrats. those are all lovely things to celebrate.

Leiani said...

I love that you feel the connections so deeply. It's nice to reflect on the year that's passed, to see how far we've come. Blessed Be

Celia said...

It's wonderful to have so much to celebrate.

Little Messy Missy said...

Life is wonderful!

Anna xx said...

The synchronicity of life is amazing. Well done for pausing to be thankful for all you have managed this year. xxx

the Lola Letters said...

LOVED these images and loved your wise reflections as well.

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