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Monday, 30 August 2010

Which Witch? (Part Three)

Wheel of the Year

What are your favourite holidays?
Samhain and Imbolc.

What if your least favourite holiday?
I don’t have a least ‘favourite’ but I suppose the one I feel least moved by is Litha (Summer Solstice).

Have you ever held a ritual on a holiday?
Of some sort – these are usually blessings or thanksgivings. I save spellwork for the moon cycle and treat sabbats as a day of celebration instead.

Ever taken a day off work to celebrate a pagan holiday?
No, but as the teaching year tends to follow the old seasonal cycles, I am fortunate that I am often on holiday for the sabbats anyway.

Do you celebrate Yule on the 21 rather than the 25?
I celebrate Yule on 21st with those friends and family who wish to join me. The 25th is a day with my whole extended family who aren’t pagan, when we have a Christmas celebration.

Have you ever felt the Veil thin?
More so with each passing year. At Beltane and Samhain particularly and whenever I’m near a hawthorn or willow tree.

Ever danced the Maypole?
When I was little but not properly in many years. Something I would love to do. 

How do you usually celebrate the pagan holidays?
Bath, meditation, sometimes a small private ritual, offerings to the gods and goddesses and usually some sort of feast!


Do you use Tarot?
No but I’m absolutely dying to learn. I used to read standard playing cards when I was younger. They can be read in a similar way. 

Do you use runes?
Yes, I have a beautiful set of amethyst runes given to me by a hedgewitch friend. I use them often when I am struggling for clarity with thoughts, questions and decisions. 

Do you use astrology?
It is something I have studied and been fascinated with since a very early age. I am not solely guided by it but I do take it into consideration.

Any other form of divination?
Sticks and twigs occasionally. I used to use the I-Ching daily but haven’t for years. 

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