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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Hearth and Home // Links to the past

Several months ago I found an old 'Lubitel' camera that was my dad's. He had it when he was in his late teens and early 20s - back in the 1970s. 

It looks beautiful - the twin-lens reflex instantly highlights its vintage appeal and we loved experimenting with different shots, using it as a prop this summer.

I love this picture of B, reflecting through the 'viewfinder'!

More exciting than that, however, are the results we got from testing a film...

As it is a medium format camera, we put some of our 120mm black and white film in and hoped for the best. The images we got back are quite eerie. They look exactly like they're from another time - softly focussed and grainy. Aside from the fact that, in some of the shots I'm carrying a digital camera over my shoulder, you wouldn't be able to tell these weren't taken back in the 1970s. 

3 musings:

Judy said... say "back in the 1970s" as if photography had just been invented...LOL...

Avie said...

Ha - no, photography was invented where I live actually - in more like the 1870s! But the 1970s is before I was born which is probably why I make it sound like a long time ago!!

Anonymous said...

That is really cool. I'm about to purchase a Yashica TLR and can't wait to experiment and play. So glad your dad's old camera still works. :)

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