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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Witchy Wanderings // Avebury

Way back when I started writing this blog, almost two years ago, I wrote about visiting Avebury stone circle, here in Wiltshire. 

Avebury is a really special place to me - it has become a bit of a tradition for B and I to visit there, usually on a Sabbat. For me, it is definitely a place I go to when I want to 'reconnect' with myself and my spiritual world.
Do you have any particular sites that you feel drawn to?

2 musings:

Beth said...

Any meadow with a rocky knoll and an oak tree will attract me. The property next to my childhood home was such a place and I spent many happy and, I'd have to say, formative hours there. Although the property has been developed, I visit occasionally in person but frequently in my dreams.

Celt said...

Yep,Avebury for me too :-)

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