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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Allotment Tales // Winter Jobs

Several people have asked me lately how much time we spend down at the allotment. During the summer we are there several evenings a week, but during winter, when it is dark before I return from work, it is really only at weekends that we get chance to visit and potter. 

There is far less to do during the winter, as so much has died back and been tidied away. However, a few jobs remain.

January is the time for pruning back summer soft-fruit bushes such as raspberries. B has done a fabulous job here, training them along the wire to make our lives a little less 'tangled' next summer!

Several vegetables are still proving us with food: winter kale, cabbages, turnips, swedes and sprouting broccoli, for example. I love how purple this one is!

One of the biggest tasks we need to do at this time of the year is clearing debris, digging the plot over and digging in compost to provide nutrients for future crops. 

I've had a wonderful Sunday, chipping away at some of these tasks, planning where things will go when we start planting and saying 'hello' to our little visitors.

Happy gardening, everyone!

2 musings:

Captain Shagrat said...

Those cheeky chirpy robins really cheer me up. My allotment is a special place to me it's a place where you can really forget about life's stresses

Tezzie said...

I'm so jealous...we're still in the midst of Deep Freeze. To put our gardening year in perspective; we prune and tie our raspberry bushes in May/June, and havest the berries in August!!

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