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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Hearth and Home // Progress

This time of year is all about planning and preparation - beginning to put down the groundwork, ready for the sowing of seeds. I am already looking forwards to the fruits I hope to grow this year, metaphorically as well as actually.

Each picture I take; each new experiment with my camera, tripod or editing software is another small step towards my goals. 

I am thoroughly enjoying immersing myself in a new project and putting intention into each and every shot.
If you look back at my very first post here at Hearthwitch Cottage, almost two whole years ago (how did that happen?!) which spoke of wishes and how they come true, you will see that I hold a firm belief in the power of considered intention behind action - that is real magic. 

Do pop on over to my other blog, Through Amy's Eyes, to see my progress with the 2012 366 photo challenge. 

Brightest blessings.

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