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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Hedgerow Ramblings // Wild Garlic

Wild garlic, or Ramsons, can be seen around woodland areas, growing in abundance amongst the bluebells, at this time of year. If you brush past it, you get a distinct aroma of garlic. The leaves and flowers are edible - but take care if the plants haven't yet flowered, as you may confuse the wide, flat leaves for those of the poisonous Lily of the Valley. The flowers are distinct, however, with tiny white petals in a loose pompom and if you pick a leaf and crush it slightly, you will know by the smell that it is garlic. 

Wild garlic is of the allium family - closely related to chives - and can be used in similar ways. The flowers add flavour to salads or sprinkled over pasta dishes. You could whizz the leaves up with some oil into a pesto and coat meat, fish or use as a stir-in sauce. Blanched and chopped, the leaves would also make a lovely accompaniment to meat or fish, or in a risotto. Make sure you wash them thoroughly before use and be respectful when foraging. Only take what you need - leave plenty for others - or better still, grow some of your own in your garden.

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Anonymous said...

Most May/June half term holidays, we go to Derbyshire for a few days. There are a couple of valleys up there, where the smell of the wild garlic is so heady, it makes me hungry every time we drive through them. Just reading your post here, has transported me there again.

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