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Friday, 31 August 2012

Blue Moon

Tonight's full moon is in fact a Blue Moon - one of those special occurrences when we have two full moons in one month. 

The term 'Blue Moon' has been around for centuries - cropping up in almanacs, folklore and stories for around 400 years. The relative rarity of the event gave rise to the phrase, 'Once in a blue moon' which we still use today when something happens rarely. Because of this unusualness, a Blue Moon was considered to be very special and amongst pagan communities, a deeply magickal event. One view is that the Blue Moon marks a time of heightened or clearer communication between ourselves and the Goddess - particularly the 'Crone' form of the Goddess who embodies the great wisdom which comes with age and the passage of time. 

As I have spoken about before here, I tend to feel heightened emotion around the time of any full moon. My sensitivity peaks and at times I feel like something beyond me is making feel inexplicably sad or anxious. Every time, I am unaware as to why or how I am behaving differently and it is usually afterwards that I realise it is the full moon and I should have gotten used to it by now! 

Do any of you experience this - the sensation that, like the moon, you are full to the brim and about to bubble over? I'd be interested to hear your stories.

Brightest full moon blessings. 

2 musings:

gypsie sister said...

I feel incredibly grounded on a full moon and much more heightened, its the time feel most centred if you know what I mean. Its hard to explain but its a time that works for me.

Zoe x

gz said...

I agree with gypsie sister.
We have just moved house on the last Blue Moon. It was auspicious indeed.
Blessings Be
Gwynneth Zoe

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