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Friday, 21 September 2012

Wheel of the Year // Mabon

Mabon is the celtic name for the Autumn Equinox, which falls this weekend. To be precise, it falls tomorrow - 22nd September 2012 - at 14:49 UTC/GMT. The equinox is the point of equal darkness and light within the day (literally 'equal night') and in the northern hemisphere it will mark the point when darkness begins to win. As of tomorrow, we will have more darkness in our day than light. 

So why the apples? In the Celtic wheel of the year, the autumn equinox - or Mabon - marked the harvest of the fruits. Still today, there are celebratory gatherings around the country for the apple harvest: cider tastings, apple days and general merriment and thanksgiving that we have fruit to harvest. 

Perhaps more significantly than that, it marks the point in the year when we instinctively know we will be getting little more from the earth - it will get cold and dark and we must gather what we can to keep us going through the winter months. 

And this is why I love these apples. Just look at them. A perfect circle, inside which is a perfect star.
The fruits of our labours, inside which are the seeds for our next turn of the wheel. We can learn so much from nature - not least that it is never done. The work and the journey - the life - does not end just because the seasons turn. 

As I bite my apple this Mabon, not only will I be giving thanks for the rewards I have earned this year; I will be contemplating the seeds I will sow next. I hope you will be doing the same - and I hope you have a warming glass of mulled cider to do it with. 

Brightest Mabon blessings. 

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Captain Shagrat said...

I did not know this, interesting post

Robin Larkspur said...

Blessed Mabon to you! Apples are the perfect representation for this time of year! Great post! Enjoy the Season!

Tezzie said...

Happy Autumn Equinox! (hard to stay positive, though, when thinking about the many weeks of darkness to come :( ) That hot mulled cider sounds like a wonderful idea, though!

Yarrow said...

Bright blessings to you Amy. I love Autumn and it's drawing in of the evenings. Planning seeds to plant for next year is a good way to put it. I'll be thinking hard :D

gz said...

An interesting post- and Hello via Hermitwich.
Autumn chills came with the Equinox too

Lincoln Madison said...

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