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Thursday, 14 January 2010


I get a bit jittery at this time of the month. The new moon quite literally brings out my dark side and I’m prone to feeling anxious and on-edge. I have several friends – women in particular – who claim a similar effect at this point in the cycle. One, without fail, is inconsolable each month and then every time claims surprise when I tell her – yet again – that the moon is dark. It’s a powerful thing, our little satellite. The magnetism between her and Earth is such that she pulls our tides. Somehow that makes it not so hard to imagine her pulling little me.

Here she will rise, reborn, in the early hours of the morning and this month she does so audaciously and conspicuously, blocking the sun. Our first solar eclipse of 2010. Historically, eclipses were considered bad omens but whilst this isn’t a commonly held belief today, I find many magickal practitioners are reluctant to use these days for casting. The energies are unpredictable and the new moon is perhaps best used as a time to reflect.

To me, an eclipse often marks significant change and I like to contemplate quietly the things I am thankful for and the personal growth I hope to make with the waxing moon over the forthcoming month.  Whether you consider the meeting of these astral bodies as symbolic of the god and goddess embracing, the balance of masculine and feminine energies or the combination of light and dark in everything; whether you cast, pray or simply give thanks, I hope the day is an auspicious one for all.

With brightest blessings...

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