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Monday 25 January 2010

To warm the heart and ease the mind

This is a beautiful spell that was passed on to me by a hedgewitch friend at a particularly sad time in my life. It helped me re-energise with positivity and has since become a favourite ‘treat’ when I’m feeling low.  I send it into the ether now, with love and light, for anyone who may so need.

Firstly, cleanse your bathroom, ensuring the space is free from clutter or items which may distract you. The aim of this ritual is to focus on yourself which means mobile phones and so on should be banished from the area.

  • Around your bathroom, light purple or pink candles. Place them safely so that they cast pools of light on the water when you fill the bath.
  • Let the water run to fill the bath, then turn off the taps.
  • Add five drops of rose essential oil and five of ylang ylang, dropping them into the pools of light. *
  • Place a rose quartz or amethyst crystal into the water to strengthen self-love and approval.
  • Lie in the water and swirl the light pools in turn, making a clear affirmation for each one. For example, ‘I exist, I am unique, I am of worth, I have many gifts (name them), I value myself, I love myself, I am complete in myself, I treasure what I have and what I am’.
  • Continue to swirl the light, visualising it flowing within you, making you a body of light and loveliness.
  • Finally, make a wish for yourself in each light pool.
  • When you are ready, stand up and step out of the water. Take out the plug, saying:

Doubts and sorrow, flow from me, what I wish, I can be.

  • Look at yourself in the mirror framed by light and you will see how your inner radiance creates true beauty that cannot fade.
  • Carry the candles into your bedroom or living room and spend the evening reading a special book, listening to music, or just dreaming of happy tomorrows as you gaze into the light.
 * While rose essential oil can be added to the bath water unblended, some people experience sensitivity to ylang-ylang and so may wish to blend the oil in a carrier such as sweet almond beforehand.

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Zoe said...

I do bath rituals most nights, just small simple ones,but I get such a great sense from them every time I step out I feel refreshed and renewed.

Zoe x

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