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Monday, 15 February 2010


It may still be chilly and grey but boy is there change in the air. An abundance of life is flourishing around us –steadfastly weathering those pesky February frosts that threaten to quash it. But oh no, it will not be beaten. Like Persephone, battling her way back from the Underworld, these little signs of life are defiant: Spring is coming.

This week I have watched the little flock of sheep that inhabit a small enclosure at my school very closely – they have a definite glint in their eyes and a frolic in their step as they charge about. What a change from their huddled ‘scrum’ stance of a mere week ago! On the farmyard, the rooster has taken to crowing louder than ever and chasing the lady hens. 

Everywhere you look there are signs of flora and fauna coming out of hibernation.

The hedgerow is teeming with signs of new life. It is joyous to see so much green again.

And in my parents’ garden my favourite tree is beginning to reawaken, reminding us of the perpetual cycle of life and nature.

Even little Cleo got caught up in the air of spring liveliness, bounding around in a flurry of madness, chasing leaves and sticks.


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