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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Rune of the week

Although I don’t often use tools for divination, preferring to focus my craft on visualisation and healing using herbs, candles and crystals, a friend blessed me with a beautiful set of runes carved in pieces of amethyst. Occasionally, I will have a particular question that I wish for a little help with, and I will cast the runes for inspiration and guidance. I do not consider this practice as one which presents ‘the answer’: I often find, however, that the process of thinking through the various aspects that the runes ‘suggest’ will help me come to a decision.

I was not planning to do a reading today, although there is a significant question about the next steps on my path which has recently come to the forefront of my mind. As if reminding me that they are there to help, my little velvet pouch of runes came tumbling out of my desk drawer as I was searching for a notebook. Five of the stones spilled onto the floor and I took it as a sign that these particular runes could offer guidance with my question.

My favourite rune was the first to present itself and it is the meaning of this one I will share with you today.

Gyfu (or gebo) : The literal translation of this letter is ‘gift’.  It is an auspicious rune, representing love, partnership, forgiveness and gifts (meaning either presents, windfalls or abilities and skills).
This rune advises the reader to show compassion, declare love without fear and embrace the gifts of partnership.  As forgiveness is perhaps the greatest and most difficult of gifts to give or receive, the rune reminds us that true union cannot exist without it. Any gift presents the individual with the choice to accept or reject: if you accept you must be prepared to give in return.  Furthermore, the rune encourages the reader to be discriminate in giving; you must decide when and to whom it is suitable to give.

If this rune lands face down, it advises to think twice about romance and partnerships as gifts which are presented may not be what they seem. 

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