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Saturday, 6 February 2010


I don’t normally do anything to mark Valentine’s Day; I don’t think demonstrations of love and affection are something we should feel cajoled into by people around us – particularly now that they seem to be defined by spending excessive amounts of money on meaningless gifts.  I am aware that I am beginning to sound like Scrooge so I hope the following will provide better explanation...

In a particularly artistic moment earlier this week, I felt that I wanted to take the time to make something special for my ‘someone special’. This was an organic impulse, sprouting from the simple desire to make him smile and put to work the creative spark which has been squashed beneath mountains of coursework marking, assessments and planning over recent weeks.  

The resulting gift is simple and cost nothing but the materials I already had in my craft box yet I hope it demonstrates my feelings.  I wanted to give him something which had careful thought and personal touch put into it and was created out of a love I feel on any given day, rather than when there is external pressure to show it. 

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the Lola Letters said...

I couldn't agree more about V-day! Love should be expressed daily AND sincerely, from the heart. - Not once a year with the use of pre-made greeting cards, stuffed animals, and packaged chocolates designed by a corporation where the facilitation or nurturing of love is the furthest things from everyone's minds...

Your blog is beyond delightful. Where exactly do you live? Sounds lovely.

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