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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Cleo's Guide to Life

Meow! Salutations! My name is Cleo. Avie and her family are my pets. I have noticed that she has been rather distracted from her job of giving me attention lately and have come to the conclusion that this blog is at fault. So I have taken it hostage. Today I thought I would give you my key steps to the good life.

Here goes...

1. Curiosity is your friend.

Sniff things. Pad them with your paws; feel them with your whiskers; taste them if you fancy. Ask questions about everything! And even though sometimes we make mistakes, this is how we learn and grow. For example, I know now that tasting bumble-bee results in a very swollen face and a trip to the vets. 

2. Stay focussed.

If you want to get to places, you have to concentrate. Put one foot in front of the other and try to stay balanced. Don't be put off if you have to take small steps. Racing ahead will mean you'll fall off the wall. Take in every moment of the journey - you learn as much from that as from reaching your goal. 

3. Be resourceful.

Obviously I much prefer to get my scratches and strokes from the humans, but sometimes you have to make do with what is at hand. A tree branch, car exhaust or new carpet can be just as useful - it's all about thinking outside the cat-carrier.

4. Do your stretches.

Keeping fit and healthy is important so make sure you get regular exercise and lots of fresh air. Look! I can touch my toes. Can you?

5. Relax.

Take some time for yourself in a quiet spot to rest and recuperate. If you can do this in the sunshine, well that's a bonus.

Cleo. x

3 musings:

Crystalrainbow said...

aww bless so sweet :)

Tea Tester said...

Meeeooowww, purrr, purrr, snuffle, purrr.


faerwillow said...

~l♥ve your photos and wise words little ms...cleo! you have left us with words to ponder throughout our day...well wishes and brightest blessings~

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