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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Flower Moon

Like my beautiful anemones, tonight's moon will be full and blooming. 

May's full moon is often referred to as the Flower Moon or Planting Moon. Some traditions name it the Hare Moon and with its associations of fertility and romance, it is easy to see why. This month has seen an array of flowers blossoming and the feeling all around us is buoyant and lively.

Use tonight's powerful lunar energy to consolidate plans that you have been working on in recent months. Get your fingers into the ground and spend time cultivating your garden - be that literally or metaphorically. This time of year is perfect for focussing on professional and personal development and turning those seeds you have been sowing into tangible progress.

As a ritual this evening, you could plant or tend your garden, offering blessings under the moonlight. This symbolic act shows that you are releasing positive energy into your endeavours allowing more fruitful blossoms to arise from your work. 

You could begin a scrapbook of positivity, using images, thoughts and messages from others. This will represent a growing source of warmth and love which will be of great comfort in the colder and darker months when our energy is naturally lower. 

Alternatively, return to your lists of aims and wishes from earlier in the year and focus your mind - and the energy of commitment which flows from this full moon - to reaffirm your goals. For each goal you have already achieved, light a candle and, in the growing light, meditate on those hopes which you still wish to work on. Repeat your affirmations and ask your chosen lunar goddess for her assistance in keeping your will strong and your focus steady.

Full moon blessings to one and all.  

2 musings:

Jen said...

Many blessings to you this night as well.

faerwillow said...

~wishing you a warm and magical flower moon filled evening...i plan on getting out this far the rain is at bay...and keeping my fingers crossed that even for the slightest moment the clouds will pass and i will be able to see her! much l♥ve and light...brightest blessings~

ps~ we got our masks home so if you could email me your address at
i can get your mask in the mail!!

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