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Thursday, 21 October 2010


Almost every day I am encountering a new face or page here in blogland and I am so touched that more and more like-minded people are stumbling over to Hearthwitch Cottage by chance, and sticking around to see what is happening. I know, I know...not much of late...but it is half-term so hopefully - hopefully - I will be here a with a little bit more regularity.

It is, however, with great cheer and gratitude that today I post of the wonderful gift of knowing that someone has read my humble little musings....and acknowledged them with a fantabulous award - or three!

Aine over at The Deepest Well and Aelwyn down at Hedgewitch Hollow (both beautifully named ladies with absolutely stunning blogs) have been kind enough to bestow these three thoughtful awards...

With these awards comes the challenge to list 7 things about oneself that other bloggers may not yet know.
Here goes...

1. I teach English to secondary school children (aged 11-18).
And, oh, I wish it was with a proper blackboard and chalk!

Doris Day in 'Teacher's Pet'

2. I love dystopian literature and film
(helps me feel marginally better about the world we live in today)

3. Currently, I can't get this off my record player...

The cover of Wriggle Out The Restless

Find them here...This is the Kit and watch their awesomeness on video here.

4. I have travelled all over the world but my favourite trip was when I journeyed through China, Mongolia and Siberia by train and stayed in a ger in the Mongolian desert.
(I'm getting itchy feet as we speak)

5. Over the years I have had several tattoos and piercings, which surprises a lot of people because I don't think I look the type!

6. I love drawing, but I haven't done any for a long time...this is starting to make me a little sad.

7. I am a currently a bit obsessed with cookery programmes, espeically Masterchef. In fact, B and I are going to the Masterchef Live Show in London next month, just to revel in our culinary geekiness!

The rules that came with these awards link back to the bloggers who nominated me....Check.
To list 7 things about myself that other bloggers may not yet know....Check.
Pass these awards along to 15 other bloggers.... Hmmm. The way I feel about this is that I cannot possibly choose 15 blogs. I love following and reading the blogs that I follow and read because I think they are all stylish, versatile and lovely! So if you are reading this, please feel free to take these awards as directed to you and take part in the fun bit...sharing lots of cool facts about yourself with us all.


3 musings:

Aelwyn said...

Awesome! :) I would love to teach English to teenagers---I'm sure it's a challenge!!!

And you should TOTALLY draw more...that one piece is awesome!

Jo said...

Aww Its always sooo lovely finding out a little more about you, dear friend. Sigh, yes I used to pine for good old fashioned chalk and board too when I was teaching, or even a wipe board.... technology, though wonderful, can be very time consuming to prepare and can so easily go wrong too.
Anyway, have a wonderful relaxing and indulgent half term... maybe even do some drawing!!
huge hugs xxx

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Congratulations to you on your blog award!!! That is so terrific. What fun it was to learn a little more about you. :) Hope you're able to get back into drawing - the photo you shared here is fabulous. Theresa

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