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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

This... a pretty accurate representation of how tired I feel. 

The worst thing is that I made a promise to myself that I would take time, as the evenings draw in, to make sure I am getting exercise, healthy food and time to myself to do things that I love, away from school work.

I haven't picked my camera up in weeks, haven't set foot in the gym or swimming pool, feel like I have barely seen B, and - as you know - haven't been blogging. Which makes me really, really sad.

Shame on me. 
I do not live to work; I work to live. 

Must try harder...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Avie...definitely focus on taking care of yourself! I recently ended up sick and a trip to the hospital by doing too much and stressing too much. I learned my lesson and I am eating right and making "me" time....feeling much better and you will too!

Love your photo!


Judy said...

Keep Trying!!!

Anna said...

Apparently it is 'normal'; that is what I keep getting told. I don't want to be 'normal' if so.... two weeks until half

Jo said...

Aww hunnie! *hugs* I wholeheatedly agree with Marci, take care & be kind to yourself too. Teaching is such hardwork. Although it is incredibly worthwhile, the kids are fab & we loooove it so, it still leeches into our time, energy,lives and potentially our health too. Not a day goes past when I don't grieve for what I lost for putting 'me' first above all my career demands. Don't worry too much about blogging - we ALL understand the pressures of life and time. We are here for you & will love you whether you're here or not! Lol!
I loooove the piccie!!
Huge hugs

Avie said...

Thank you so much lovely ladies. Your kind thoughts are soothing this weary soul. Blessings to you all. xx

Wendy said...

I do the same guilt trip to myself with the whole "shame on me" for not taking care of myself better and I've realized that the more I "should" myself, the less I want to take care of myself because I have these standards on how that "should" be done..Exhausting! Just remind yourself that you're doing the best that you can with what you know how to do at the moment. When you can let go of the "should's" I know not easy to do, you'll find you have more energy and therefore you'll take care of yourself more. And as for blogging, quality not quantity is what brings me back to a blog.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

We all experience this at one time or another. Just keep your chin up and keep going! :)

Leiani said...

It's a battle I constantly fight - life vs work. Good luck!

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