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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Countdown to Hallowe'en // Autumnal walks

It's hard to believe we are in October. I mean, considering it is 23 degrees and sunny outside here in the UK, really hard to believe. 

I don't think we had weather this good in the whole of August.
Incredulity at our balmy 'Indian Summer' aside, it is October, which means we are less than a month away from my favourite sabbat: Samhain - or 'Hallowe'en'. 

This month I hope to post more about autumnal traditions, recipes and rituals as we count down to Hallowe'en. Please drop by for a cup of steaming mulled cider and maybe even a slice of pumpkin pie - I look forward to hearing your thoughts and musings, as we tread through this magickal season together.

To begin with, then, an autumnal walk around my local fields. 

Although there is a sadness to see everything dying back and losing its lush green colour, there is also joy as the harvest season draws to a close - a sense of achievement and the knowledge that we will have plenty to keep us going through the winter. 

Within myself I also feel a sense of hurry to make the most of our beautiful surroundings, while it is still warm and light enough to do so. Today it was so warm, in fact, that we even indulged in a little paddle in the river. 


2 musings:

Judy said...

We are not as balmy here in Michigan...went for an autumn walk and wore several layers of clothes...and didn't get near taking the shoes off to paddle in the lake...Glad you are enjoying the warmer weather while it is here...

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a wonderful post, Avie! I can't believe it's October, either! Very much looking forward to pumpkin pies and basically pumpkin everything! I shall be looking forward to your forthcoming posts! Happy October!!! :)

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