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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Hearth and Home // Holidays are coming...

B and I have had a wonderful weekend at home, which is a rare pleasure these days.

We decided, as we are now into December (how did that happen?!) that we would put up a little tree...

It is our first Christmas tree as last year I opted for foliage from the hedgerow instead.
We decorated it together, made ourselves some winter spiced tea, ate mince pies and listened to Christmas tunes. Now I really feel in the festive spirit.

Don't you just love those cute little robins sitting in a row on a branch? There are some flying their way over to  me in the next few days and once they arrive I will share some crafty tips on how to make your own little robin branch decoration just in time for Yule.

Festive blessings everyone!

4 musings:

Crissy said...

Yes LOVE the robins.... gotta do this, so cute!

Vivienne Moss said...

Love the robins. Can't wait to see how to make them.

Winter Blessings, V.

Beth said...

Count me in! Reminds me of an easy project I heard about a couple of days ago. It's so obvious but I, for one, never thought of it. A friend created a jewellery tree by finding the right tree branch (already fallen) and placing it in a beautiful vase. It's so striking.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Oh I noticed the robins right away!!!! They are most adorable.Can't wait for your crafty tips on how to create this, too!

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