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Monday, 12 December 2011

Hearth and Home // Yuletide Movies

After autumn's seasonal movie marathon, I am now working my way through my traditional Yuletide movie list.

These are my favourites...

That last one we always watch on Christmas Eve...I love family holiday traditions. 

What are your favourite Christmas, winter or Yuletide movies?

4 musings:

Anonymous said...

Excellent film choices. We always have to watch Love Actually some time before Christmas - actually we watched it on Saturday afternoon. Funny how these things become part of family traditions. Years ago, the there was a short film called Bernard and the Genie, which we all loved, but it was before the days of DVDs, so we never owned a copy. I might trawl around some time and see if it's available.

Anonymous said...

Husband and I watch Love Actually on the weekend after Thanksgiving. A Christmas Story runs from 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve till 7 p.m on Christmas Day, and my dad and I always watch it at least twice.

I don't think anything says Christmas to me like the phrase: "You'll shoot your eye out!"

Aimee B said...

A Muppet Christmas Carol is a family favorite here. And A Christmas Story. Also, The Sound of Music comes between Christmas and New Year.

The one movie we LOVE, but can't watch anymore is the Muppet version of Mr. Willoughby's Christmas Tree. (It was on TV once in the 90s and we recorded it, but our poor old Tape finally broke and it has never been available for sale.

Beth said...

Hi - I enjoy watching 'A Child's Christmas in Wales'. 'Love Actually' has definitely become a tradition as well. The very end of the movie, where people are shown greeting one another in the airport, makes me tear up every time! And the bedroom scene, with Emma Thompson's character and the CD... .

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