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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Bee happy

Today I most certainly have been. After heavy rains over the past couple of days, this morning I awoke bright and early to glorious sunlight streaming through my window and the sound of birds chirping. As I have to be up super early during the week, I usually make the most of weekend lie-ins, but today I was up and about, making tea and breakfast, chatting with a friend who had come to visit, enjoying the warm light. 

Our idyllic morning continued as we rambled over the fields for a stroll in the sunshine and arrived at Lacock Abbey. Normally the National Trust charge for entry; however, today being the first day of Spring, they were having a free visiting day. Joy! As we entered the beautiful grounds, we were greeted by this wondrous sight...

A carpet of purple! The crocuses were in full glory, everywhere we looked.

This was almost too much for me. I was on my knees, taking pictures from every possible angle and imagining fae-folk peeping out from behind the flowers.

I thought of the prettily illustrated 'Flower Fairy' books I had as a child and understood exactly why Cicely Mary Barker would have felt inspired to create them. With the sunlight streaming through and shimmering off these delicate petals, spread like a sea beneath the trees, it felt just like a faerie glen. 

By the touch of the warm and welcome Sun,
Opened suddenly; Spring's begun!
Dance then, fairies, for joy and sing,
The song of the coming again of Spring

Sadly, I didn't spy any faeries today, but I did meet this little guy who was frantically going about his business amidst the purple blooms.

Folklore cites this flower's symbolic meaning as 'youthful gladness' and I think it's fair to say this Spring joy was felt by both busy bee and I today.

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