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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Rune of the week

Jera: the Rune of Success.

Its literal translation is ‘year’ and this rune’s message is one of rewards reaped from seeds sown. The symbol acts as a reminder of the cyclical and interlinked nature of the wheel of the year and the fact that hard work inevitably produces a harvest.

Usually a very positive rune, it implies a project will come to fruition, goals will be achieved or a profit will be made. As it represents the cycle of the seasons, it also suggests change and progress but as with all ‘cause and effect’ situations, the outcome can sometimes be a negative one. If a course of action has been unfair or harmful to others, it can represent justice and punishment rather than reward.

This rune can similarly serve as a reminder that, while we should be joyous in celebrating the fruits of our labour, we must not forget that the cycle is never-ending; complacency would lead us to a winter without stores. Just as we would conserve part of our harvest for the colder months, so too should we conserve our energy and the wisdom we have gathered for the challenges ahead. Jera symbolises life being a series of twists and turns – a goal achieved should not be regarded as an end point, but rather another step along the journey.

If Jera falls face down (converse), it suggests that rewards must be rooted out and talents may be hidden. If you take the time to look inwards, you may just unearth the key to your success.

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