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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Pagan Enough?

Stumbling around the web, I have come across various sites hosted by pagans, many of which have contained manifesto-like posts stating what they feel is the most 'pagan' way to live one's life. Many of these sites caused me to question my own beliefs and practices.

For a long while I referred to myself as a 'hedgewitch', only to discover an increasing number of people out there in the ether making (often totally contradictory) statements about what a 'hedgewitch' must be/use/do/believe. Feeling like this no longer fitted with my practices and pathway, I dug deep within my psyche to consider where and with what my pagan practice is most comfortable. It was at this point that I realised the hearth, garden and home are my places of magick.

Simplicity and spirituality marry well for me: it is in the practicality of cooking, growing and tending herbs, watching the sunrise, lighting a candle or taking a bath that I find my moments of magick and they are about the least ritualised (and more often than not, most shambolic) instances I can imagine.

There have been moments on my path when people have stated how they feel a pagan should practise and it has caused me to feel insecure about my own ways. Yet, ironically, I have referred to myself as pagan or 'a witch' largely because of my belief that these terms encompass acceptance, tolerance of others and a life lived in harmony with the Earth and its seasons. If there was one 'tenet' I value above all others it is that the type of energy I put out into the world reflects the type of energy I will get back.

Whether you call this karma, the threefold law of return or 'doing unto others as you wish to be done by' the virtue at the heart of these professed belief systems is the same: tolerance. How is it, then, that pagans everywhere are not only criticising people of other religions; they are criticising people who share very similar beliefs and pathways? It seems incredulous to me.

And I am not alone in my concerns. While browsing through blogland, I came across Project Pagan Enough over at Inciting A Riot.

I encourage all of you to stop by for a visit - whether you are pagan or non-pagan - as I feel it is an all-encompassing issue. Whatever your beliefs, whatever your practices, my humble two-pennies worth would be that you should be true to yourself. Don't define yourself by another person's ideals and do not feel discouraged if they show intolerance of your beliefs. Know yourself: if you feel 'pagan' is what you are, you are pagan enough.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Avie! I have also created my own Pagan Path, focusing on energy and the Sabbats and natural healing, which is not necessarily "textbook pagan". You're definitely Pagan, don't let anyone else define you or your beliefs! Blessed be, Elle

Wendy.B said...

I have just tumbled into your blog and have enjoyed the read.... Like you I too have wondered and doubted myself and asked myself if I am "this or that" according to what "they" say. Hmmmm, now when did this path I choose to walk become cluttered with "them and they" *smiling* I I got to 50 and decided it is not about "them" or what "they" do, it is about me, me me me and my beliefs and my walk with the Lord and Lady or Goddess and God. It is about my relationship with them and Mamma Earth and my love of the Full Moon, and it I want to dance nakkie under her with all my jubblie bits jiggling, I will and it is right and good (scary lol but good), and if I want to toss a handful of herbs and crystals into the bath and call it magick, then it is and if I want to stir a pot of handmade soap with all the magickal intent I can muster, then thats exactly what I will do.. and if I want to call myself a hedgewitch/domestic witch (which I do) then thats what I am.. dear sister you are doing whats right and perfect for you, if your doing it with honesty and integrity and it "feels" right to you, then you are on the right path! I personally believe the more we get hung up on supposed "textbook pagan" like reformedcynic said, then we are taking our eyes of the path chosen for us and getting tangled up in wordly politics and wasting precious time. Hope you do not mind the long ramble.. brightest blessings ..

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