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Monday, 8 March 2010

Secret Buddy

I am the type of person who enjoys giving gifts. I love choosing them, making them and wrapping them decoratively.

These beautiful ribbons caught my eye when browsing at my local garden centre and, in all honesty, they are lovely enough to be a gift themselves rather than just the wrapping. They brought to mind an idea that I recently introduced at my school; an idea that has its roots in the joy of selfless giving.

Towards the end of last term, my faculty at school was experiencing quite a bit of change which made for an uneasy atmosphere with several people seeming worried, stressed and sad. First and foremost, I dislike seeing anyone upset or gloomy so I wanted to do something to bring a little cheer back into our workplace. I also firmly believe that we are more productive, creative and inspired in our teaching if we are happy and supporting each other.

With this in mind, I set about arranging a little system by which we could all look after each other. I invited everyone to fill in a form which looked like this...

...fold it up and put it into a box. The idea is that everyone draws out someone’s piece of paper in secret and then has to ‘treat’ that person, using their list of favourite things as a guide. If at any time they think that person is feeling down, having a difficult week or just wants to make them smile, they buy them a little gift and anonymously leave it in their pigeon-hole or on their desk at work.

Already it has sparked everyone’s enthusiasm, with people giving and receiving all manner of thoughtful treats.  I am a ‘buddy’ for a member of our faculty who works in an office with no window. I thought she would like some tulips, much like these, as she cannot see the spring blooming from her workspace. 

There’s little in the world more satisfying than knowing you have brought a smile to someone’s face. 

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