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Monday, 29 March 2010

Storm Moon

Whilst meandering from site to site, admiring the many blog-worlds you wonderful people are creating, I stumbled upon the fantasy artist, Molly Harrison. Her work is hugely reminiscent of the likes of Amy Brown and Jessica Galbreth, whom I have admired for many years. These particular illustrations seemed apt representations of today's Storm Moon...

March's full moon is variously called the Storm Moon, Wind Moon, Seed Moon and no doubt known by many other names. It is the moon of change, prosperity and sweeping away 'cobwebs'. Some choose to utilise the high energy of this full moon to 'spring clean', with rituals involving the besom or dried heather to physically enact the sweeping of negativity or old habits from one's life. Others focus on the 'abundant' nature of this time of year, channelling the energy into desired change. 

This moon's power colour is green - one of the reasons these images seemed so suitable for today - and it is usually associated with personal growth and prosperity. As with our Ostara blessings, rituals that work well under this moon's influence are those which focus on particular desired achievements, both spiritual and practical. 

Throughout this whole season, it is important to focus our energies on renewal, repair and regrowth. For example, The Domestic Witch's fantastic 'Spring Cleaning' programme works towards de-cluttering your life, both inside and out. It may be that you use today's energies to reaffirm your determination towards reaching these goals.

You may prefer a simpler ritual focussed on a specific aspect of your life. This prosperity charm posted by Liz over at Lizzie's Logic is perfect and uses materials which can be found round the home and garden. 

For me, there are some particular influences I would like to invite into my space, in order to use my time and energy more effectively. My reasons for using these images in this post were twofold: not only do they conjure the symbols of the day, they also represent to me something which I want to focus on over the forthcoming months - a return to creative practices. Illustration used to be a pastime of mine and I haven't really drawn for a long while; I also want to write more. These along with some other goals are the focus of my ritual today. 

Brightest blessings.  

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