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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Rune of the week

Odal - The Rune of Hearth and Home

This rune's name translates as 'home' or 'hereditary land' and so its meaning is focussed on the hearth, homestead, inheritance and familial possessions. Benefit through birthright or inheritance is the most obvious outcome this rune is suggesting if it falls like this one. It is worth remembering, however, that as well as fixed possessions one inherits characteristics from family and it may be a sign that a temperament or trait borne down through generations is due to surface.

With such focus on the family and inheritance, the rune also reminds the reader that these aspects of life for prior generations were the most valued. Loyalty to the ancestral line, the importance of the home and a united family's strength are all professed via this rune.

For the questions that the reader has, the rune could be suggesting that they should seek guidance from those they trust and re-evaluate their priorities by considering the importance of home and family. Before taking risks or making decisions, all these aspects must be taken into consideration and an objective must then be fixed firmly in mind.

If the rune has fallen in 'reverse' (upside down), it suggests a worthless inheritance or lack of forethought leading to costly consequences; if it falls 'converse' (face down) it suggests that an apparently worthless inheritance has hidden value or the honest and true path is being obscured.

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