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Saturday, 27 March 2010

An honest post

A few weeks ago I mentioned that, on a recent trip to Glastonbury, I had purchased a piece of black Obsidian crystal that I intended to fashion into a pendant.

Pendant created and being worn regularly, I thought I would post about some of the quick-acting properties and healing qualities of this intense, protective stone.

Obsidian is said to provide a 'shield' against negativity, absorbing energy from the environment of the wearer. It is also believed that Obsidian can protect the sensitive from the effects of depression, helping the user get in touch with internalised and subconscious issues before they become explosive and allowing them to find balance.

IMPORTANT! Please take note of this before you read any further...What I am about to say should in no way be taken as an 'absolute' or generalisation and to anyone who is reading this who knows, believes or has concerns that they are dealing with depression, I would advise you to seek the advice of a medical professional. 

Now that that's out of the way...

In the past I have experienced periods of clinical depression that I have treated in a variety of ways. I  found that medication did not work for me. If anything, it made my situation worse; the pills I was taking gave me sleepless nights and vivid dreams that left me exhausted when I awoke. I did not feel the professed benefits of a regulated mood; I found that my depression deepened, a mental 'fog' set in and the answer given by the doctors I saw was to simply 'up my dose'.

After over two years of this existence, it was a hedgewitch friend providing me with some amethyst for absorption of negative energy and rose quartz for emotional healing that enabled me to find the balance I needed to take steps forward. From that point, I booked appointments with an acupuncturist, took myself off my medication and realised, after years of dabbling, that my true path was with witchcraft.

This is a long winded route to the obsidian...we will get there in a moment, I promise!

Fortunately, with a combination of healthy eating, exercise, meditation and 'alternative' practices such as crystal healing, herbalism and aromatherapy, I have managed to keep the depression at bay for almost three years now, which is wonderful. Particularly as this year has tested me with some of the most challenging life-experiences I have ever faced. However, one thing I have realised is that being around people who are experiencing pain or sadness, anger or frustration is a sure-fire way for me to feel consumed by negative feelings.

I have come to understand that I act somewhat like a sponge for other peoples' emotions, as what I would call an 'unrefined' empath. I do not think I have the heightened sensitivity to others' emotions experienced by true 'high-level' empaths, but I certainly find I experience changes in mood and physical sensation when I am around people. This has led me to consider my own periods of depression and the reasons for them.

Looking back, patterns emerge: I can see how being surrounded by others who are struggling with pain and sadness has sometimes brought me to the brink of despair. Recently, this has come to the fore, as I have watched my father struggle with the very real pain associated with a terminal illness and the emotional turbulence this has created within my family.

Hence, the obsidian.

As I have recently been experiencing a reactivation of disturbed sleep patterns, anxiety and mood swings, (particularly after having spent time in crowds of people) I decided to try wearing this crystal which would act as a barrier for the negativity which usually manages to permeate me as well as drawing out issues which were affecting me from deep within my psyche.

Now that I find myself becoming more and more honest with any of you, reading out there, and myself, I see the effect of this stone coming to life. Not only do I feel more centred; I can walk through a busy town centre and not feel like I'm about to implode! Success so far!

Please note: As obsidian is such a powerful 'magnet' for negative energy, it is important that it is cleansed regularly in running water .

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