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Monday, 15 March 2010

Rune of the week

Tiw (Tyr): The Warrior's Rune

Named after the Norse god of war, Tiw, this rune represents courage, compassion and conflict. Today, this is more likely to mean a battle of principles or intellect, frequently referring to legislation, rather than the physical battles this rune's origins depict. Psychologically this rune can also represent determination or male sexuality so a personal interpretation would very much depend upon the question asked.

If you consider the shape of this rune, interpretation becomes both logical and instinctive: a forward facing arrow (much like the one in the image) would guide the reader to move forward with determination and courage; a reverse arrow, pointing towards the reader could either advise caution or suggest an aversion towards conflict - the reader would be guided to work towards overcoming shyness; an arrow which lies face down (converse) suggests the need to uncover hidden talents of leadership or the possibility of finding a courageous leader in unexpected parties. 

As Tiw was also god of justice and regulation of law, this rune reminds the caster that the truth will always out and justice will always be done; having the courage of your convictions and moving forwards with honesty to oneself and others will lead to victory in all endeavours. 

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