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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Weekend Wrap

Yesterday B and I took the long, winding road to visit Glastonbury, with some uplifting tunes from a collective of local musicians to accompany us in the car. We took a simple picnic that was intended for the top of the tor but wolfed down, after a somewhat lazy stroll, half-way up. Sometimes I love nothing more than a rigorous ramble in the hills. However, this weekend seemed designed for a slower pace and after a hectic week I have relished every moment.

Glastonbury is a lovely place to wander round; filled with brightly-fronted cafes offering home-made soups, a cornucopia of shops overflowing with crystals, herbs and candles and the aroma of sandalwood incense drifting through the streets, it is every witchy-woman’s dream. I treated myself to a piece of protective obsidian that I will be using to make a pendant – more of that when it is finished.

Driving home as the sun was lowering in the sky, we spotted a sign for a riverside bar, tucked into the hedgerow. I love finding little surprises like this so we turned down the quiet lane and discovered an old mill, converted into a restaurant. A lovely spot to stop for a drink – I was gleeful at the prospect of summer evenings sitting on the riverbank with a glass of wine. 

Today has been even lazier still. I potted up a planter of herbs, which B attached to my windowsill, so I am able to reach out a cut them as I am cooking. Endless pleasure! Some blogs on the qualities of these herbs to follow, I feel.

For now, though,  I sit with a cup of tea and the radio, admiring the golden daffodils outside my window, reading through the inspiring blogs that are quickly becoming a staple in my daily diet. 

I hope that you, too, are enjoying the Spring sunshine. Brightest blessings.

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